Cybersecurity bootcamp: The Bridge

Cybersecurity: week 8

1- 7 November 2021

What I’ve learned

Ettercap-graphical and arp poisoning attack | net-tools utilities | openVAS | Traffic monitorization with Wireshark.

Reading list

  1. ¿El proceso «pingsender.exe» intenta conectarse a Internet? Esto es lo que debes saber.
  2. Nmap syntax:
  3. Cómo listar y administrar servicios en Linux:
  4. SYN cookies:
  5. Iptables’s week:
    – A Deep Dive into Iptables and Netfilter Architecture:
    – Qué es iptables:

I’ve enjoyed

Getting to know the principles of a firewall.

By Amanda Guglieri

#DigitalEditor at Editorial Reus.

#FullStackDev at Derecho Práctico.

Studying/Playing (currently):
– Computer Science at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
– Cibersecurity Bootcamp at The Bridge.